EDGE Dance Company 2017-2018 has officially finished. I have completed the performance requirements for the MA. All that is left to do is write my dissertation and figure out what I would like to do with the rest of my life. I am in shock that all of the rehearsing, injuries (nothing major), and touring with 13 others from all over the world is over. I am now a previous member of EDGE.

I have learned so much during these last 10 months about myself as a dancer and a person. I have finished with my head held high and proud of all the things I was able to accomplish in such a short time. I don’t know what my future will hold, but I am positive that what ever comes next will be meant for me, just like EDGE.

I would like to thank everyone that has sent me a message to check up on me or wished me well and just had me in their thoughts and prayers. I am so grateful for the out pouring of love I have received since leaving the States and all of it has touched me deeply. Even if I wasn’t able to send a reply to your message, just know that it was received and I thank you for it.

I would also like to thank everyone that came out to support EDGE by attending a show or a workshop. I had to opportunity to meet so many amazing dancers and share something I love doing, but that would have not been possible without all those attending.

The above video is a compilation of the plane landings I witnessed while on tour.

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