30 ’til 30 [Day 20]

It’s time for a creativity challenge!

So in the recent past, a friend of mine shared an amazing video of two people finger tutting. (‘A type of dance that involves intricate movements of the fingers’ per the Google.) Watching that video, I was inspired/reminded that dance is so much more than whole body coordination, sometimes the most detailed movements take your viewer to the next level.

So, like always, I decided to incorporate my attempt at exploring that movement. Not here is the most ultimate of ultimate disclaimers, I am NOT a professional tutter. So if you think there are people that can do this better than I can, I completely agree with you! So judge all you want because this is only the beginning of my exploration.

Happy Viewing!

Dancer: Toi B. Brown
Music: ‘Sweet Talk’ by Kito ft. Reija Lee
Video: iPad
Location: TN

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