30 ’til 30 [Day 30]

While I do not believe my journey in dance is over, this series most certainly is! I am coming out of this series/project not only joyful but inspired. Inspired to continue being that change in a young dancers life as well as my own. As an artist, I believe that there are many things that will peak your interest or spark an idea, but there is only one thing that can truly motivate you. For me, it has to be myself because my world changed and I thought I might lose dance forever, the only reason I found new ways and adapted was myself.

So in order to wrap up this series, I take a walk down memory lane with photo and very grainy video of my first ever solo. No, I was not out here as a 7 year old with a sports bra and shorts on. No, no I had more couth than that, I was a 17 year old with a sparkling purple romper (jumpsuit with shorts) that rode all the way up. Just 2 years after receiving proper ballet training, I thought it was high time I danced on my own. Now, I know what you’re probably confused because I said that I had been dancing since I was 5 and it doesn’t add up. Well up until I was a freshman in high school, I danced for fun. Yes, I did competitions and things like that, but I never thought dance would be my profession. It wasn’t until high school that I realized dance could be my career and lifestyle. It’s definitely safe to say I was a late bloomer and I worked really hard to get where I am.

Sorry for the constant tangent, I know you just want to get to the good stuff. So without further ado, happy viewing!

Dancer: Toi B. Brown
Music: ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone
Choreography: Lauren Marino
Date: 2008

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