Day One

With all of the sacrifices, late nights, and recent stress, I’m so fortunate to have been afforded this opportunity.

But let’s take a moment to talk about finding housing in London. Do you know how hard it is to find affordable housing in the middle of London that doesn’t have you sharing a toilet with like 4 other people? The key word in that was ‘affordable.’ Many places rent out the living room as a bedroom! Where am I supposed to watch TV and relax after a long day? In my shoebox of a room? I think not. It’s probably the cheap southerner in me, but this is just crazy! London isn’t even the most expensive city to live in. (I think it’s Shanghai or something. I can only imagine that stress, just insane.) I’m sorry I’m not used to this type of stuff and wanted to fill you in on my week prior to school starting. I’ll sum it up by saying it was stressful and still is. 

But back to the really important stuff….

I’m officially a student at LCDS! I even have an identification badge. Though today was not a dance intensive, it was exhausting. From fun ice breakers and name games to queue-ing (British/European for waiting in line) to register to learning more details about EDge. I spent a full work day (9:00A – 5:00P) in my new dance home and never did a tendú. I can’t wait to begin dancing and get back into the swing of things because being away from dance too long makes me antsy. This week however is just “Induction Week,” meaning my program hasn’t started and doesn’t technically start until next week, 25 September. (Confused? In most European countries the day comes first then the month then year. Making today 18 September 2017.) My weekly schedule is just bananas and based on what I’ve seen I’m almost positive that you’ll not hear from me for weeks. But I’ll be out here dancing to the fullest.
It’s time for all this talk to start walking. Today was only DAY ONE.  

The Place Flaxman Entrance

3 thoughts on “Day One

  1. I Love it…I even felt your angst!! Keep blogging….This is a journey worth a million words….Do ya Thing Toi Toi.
    Proud of you!!!

  2. Congratulations Toi your a very motivated young lady who I know can take on the world so proud of you with the little time I was blessed to know you keep making your dreams come true and when you come bk Ziayre will be ready to go under your wing love you girl cannot wait to see your next adventure

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