30 ’til 30 [Day 9]

Hello and welcome back to another day in the 30 ’til 30 series. Today and for the next couple of days, I’ll be sharing a bit of at home movement in a mini series I like to call, ‘when loungewear dances.’ This mini series is in no way in order or to the music it will be presented with. I only say that, because I am a BIG advocate of allowing the music to influence the movement; however the music I used was not nearly loud enough to accompany the videos.

I am sure that you are also curious why I am creating this mini series. Well, to be quite honest, because I want to! I recently read about a previous student’s struggle with a positive body image and that really reminded me of just how hard and harsh the dance world can be. Every day we look online at these picture perfect dancers that are brave enough to wear any and everything and feel enough confidence in themselves to show it. I don’t know how many times over the years, I have recorded myself doing improvisation and hated the way my body looked. Yes, I have kind of long legs but this little compact torso makes belly ‘fat’ extremely obvious on me. So it took me a very long time to not only learn my body, but come to terms with it then love it in its entirety. This is the body that I was given and if I want to be success in what I love doing then I am just going to have to work it better then the person next to me.

So here’s to throwing away the outdated ideals of perfection and accepting oneself wholly and truly!

Happy viewing!

Dancer: Toi B. Brown
Music: ‘Bad Blood’ by Bastille
Video: iPhone XR
Location: TN

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