30 ‘til 30 [Day 12]

When you think of dance or dancing I’m sure you think of the stuff you see on TV or stage, the need for rhythm and coordination, or maybe even the weird videos I have been posting. But there is so much more than those little clips. Just as you know when building a house there are requirements, multiple planning stages, advising, and a bunch more, all before the first piece of equipment is even ordered. Well I’m going to give you a quick peak into some of the planning I do when preparing to teach a class.

I have always been the type to memorize the movement that was taught to me for a performance, but when it comes to teaching that’s an entirely different ball game! I HAVE to write down my plans for class or else I am not going to remember what I wanted to do. Yes, I can make up a class on the fly and fake it til I make it with the best of them, but for me I like to think that some of my best classes are the ones I prepared for. So here is a just a quick glimpse into how I prepare. Stay tuned for the final product, you never know when it might drop!

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