30 ’til 30 [Day 11]

Okay friends, we have reached the final day of the mini series and really I think I might as well just rename it to the ‘Love Yourself’ series after the BTS Love Yourself Campaign. Now I am sure you have a lot of question about the whole BTS and are questioning why I brought them up, but I do not have enough time on my hands to attempt going down that beautiful rabbit hole. Instead, click the link and it will fill you in –> https://www.love-myself.org/post-eng/about-love-myself/

So as I round out this lovely mini series, please remember to love yourself! And yes, I know that each day is different from the last but even if you find the confidence one day and regret it the next, don’t hold on to those negative thoughts. Take a moment to reflect on the things you loved about yourself and push that fear/doubt aside. Because no one can love you like you can.

Dancer: Toi B. Brown
Music: ‘Magic Shop Orchestral Cover’ by Leeplay Orchestra
Video: iPhone XR
Location: TN

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