30 ’til 30 [Day 15]

I know what you’re thinking, we’re only half way through this project? Why would she make it 30 days, it’s just too long!? Oh, you aren’t thinking that? It’s just me? Oops!

Well any who, look at us making it halfway through this series! I don’t know about you but I am proud because I did not think I would make it this far. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in the beginning but I started this series really spur of the moment like so the fact that I am still pushing out content is pretty cool. I definitely didn’t think I’d have enough ideas to hold this thing together, but SURPRISE, I do!

Here’s another surprise there is no dancing today. Yesterday, I realized after some questions that non-dancers/athletes don’t know anything about the items in the picture I posted. So today, I am going to take some time to not only describe each item, but introduce to some others as well.

First we have the hand roller, which is very similar to one you would use for dough. Known on Amazon as a muscle roller stick, this one is great for pre warming up and recovery. By stimulating the muscles through hand/arm pressure/strength, this roller smooths over the muscles to breakup any tightness, or at least that’s what it’s supposed to do.

Second is that same hand roller but with spikes. Now, I do not recommend this roller when you are already sore, but I think it’s great for pre warm up and during mobility training (also known as dance class). The spikes are meant to get a little bit deeper and hit more specific areas that might be tight.

Third is very fun little friend, the pink ball. Similar to a tennis ball this is just another way to hit more specific muscles in a certain area. I really love using this as a pre warm up for my feet when I’m about to do ballet, however you can use it anywhere on your body and there will be times when you want to do that.

Okay, now we are moving on to my favorite torture device, the FOAM ROLLER!! With the purpose of separating the fascia, connective tissue that needs to be regularly broken up, from the muscles, this bad boy is the best and worst device I have ever come across. I remember meeting my first foam roller in college, it was the middle of the semester and we were having a master class that introduced us to another technique for stimulating muscles. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I laid my leg a top this contraption. The amount of pain, I felt the first time I used this thing was unimaginable. I walked into that master class so light and airy, but I left wishing to never bend my knees again. It was truly that bad! So this love/hate relationship I have for the foam roller has been and will probably be forever.

Now I mentioned that the foam roller is my favorite torture device, well the spiked foam roller is definitely my least favorite! To this day I am not sure why I bought it, but it sits in my home tormenting me on a regular basis. With the combined purpose of the foam roller and the spiked hand roller, this is the most unforgiving item I have in the torture device collection. Again, I do not know what possessed me to purchase it, and with the current soreness I am experiencing I refuse to use it.

WARNING: With anything new you decide to use or do, please consult a doctor or your primary care physician. I have been using these things for years and I understand what they do for my body, do not purchase one unless you truly know how your body will react!

1. Hand Roller 2. Spiked Hand Roller 3. (Pink) Ball 4. Foam Roller 5. Spiked Foam Roller

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