A New Tradition

While everyone in the US is getting up and ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving, I am currently in rehearsal. In my 26 years on this Earth, I have never missed a Thanksgiving, until now. And I do not say this so that you will show me pity, I say this to point out my growth in this world.

I may not be surrounded by the people that love me most in this world this holiday, but I know for sure that this is where I am supposed to me. Every day (Monday – Friday) I get to wake up and find new experiences within the one activity I love most. How many people get up every single morning and say that they are excited to go into “work” or school? Now, I’m not saying that I don’t miss being able to catch up with my loved ones or being surrounded by the laughs, food, and merriment. I am saying that I know my loved ones support this decision and every day I feel their love.

This Thanksgiving I am more thankful than I have ever been in my entire life. I took a shot in the dark and wound up in the stars. How could I not be thankful for that? If anything, I could use this Thanksgiving to be completely selfish, but my mother taught me humility and she constantly reminds me of it.

Truthfully, she is the number one thing in my life I am so thankful for. My mother has been the driving force to my success. She instilled so much compassion, tenacity, stubborness, and love in me and I have never in my life met a woman as strong. I know every little girl says her mother is her role model, but mine truly is. She won’t allow me to stand in anyone’s shadow, because, as she says, I shine to bright. My mother led, and continues to lead, by example and taught me how to be a woman with poise and dignity. She pulled me along for much of my life. (Did I mention the stubborness thing?). And it was only when I was ready that she let me take the lead. But I lead knowing that she has me covered. Knowing that if something causes me to fall, she will be there to help me up. It is because of her that I had the strength to take this new challenge and it is because of her that I have faced it so bravely.

So no, I am not celebrating this Thanksgiving with a turkey, sweet potato pie, macaroni/cheese, and stuffing. I am celebrating it with the love in my heart for my mother and all of my family and friends that have helped me push to this moment. I am thankful to everyone who offered me their kindness and today I celebrate you in my new Thanksgiving tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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