To the Holidays

Well, it’s the end of Term 1! I made it! I have worked with 3 choreographers, rehearsed for countless hours, been assessed in 2 different technique classes (Ballet and Floor), and used too many tubes of IcyHot. (Okay maybe the IcyHot thing was a stretch, but the other parts are completely true!) I’ve only been in London for 3 months and it’s been so amazing! Unfortunately to all of your wonderment, I do NOT have a British English accent. In fact every single time I open my mouth to speak people ask me, “Ah, you’re American!?” I normally frown with complete disdain for being recognized so quickly but I’m a 26 year old American so I guess the accent was bound to follow me.

Working with 3 different types of choreographers has been challenging, but also one of the most rewarding parts of this experience. (We haven’t even gone on tour yet, so if I change my mind later just roll with it.) By the time this experience is over there will have been 4 original pieces of choreography set on me. Some people in professional companies can’t even say that. It’s truly mind boggling just how amazing this experience is and that this is my life.

To those of you that read my “been assessed in 2 different technique classes” and found yourself completely confused don’t worry I’m going to explain. Within my program I have to be “assessed” or watched during 2 of my technique classes. In Undergrad, our assessment was called a ‘jury,’ and 2 or 3 teachers would come in and view whatever set material/combinations your teacher put together. In Postgraduate London, a ‘jury’ is found in the courtroom and nowhere else. Assessment day is like any other day here, you take the regularly scheduled class while 2 teachers write notes. It’s honestly the strangest thing ever because it’s so formally informal. (Did that make any sense? No? Let me elaborate, the attempt to make the assessment so relaxed only adds to the pressure of being assessed and choosing to be assessed in this class.) I personally found it hard to pick what I wanted to be assessed in prior to taking class with the teacher. (Felt like one of those game shows where you have to pick what’s behind a door and if you pick wrong you don’t get the super cool prize of a vacation or a car. No, instead you get a mason jar filled with sand from the vacation you could have won, but didn’t.)

With all my assessments behind me, I only need worry about moving forward to Term 2. Focusing on getting the choreography for the remaining pieces and preparing for the International tour! BUT before focusing on all of that, I am going to spend some quality time cuddled up on the couch, drinking gallons of hot cocoa, and eating my fill of American cuisine. Yes, you read that correctly, I will be State side this holiday and I am so looking for to it! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking when I said I wanted to stay abroad and be away from my family and friends. (I think I caught up in the fact that I would get to explore England, BUT with it being so cold here the only thing I want to explore are the tropics! And I don’t know if you know this, but the tropics aren’t in England.) It will be different however, because I will still have my UK cell phone number, and I won’t be traveling much once I get in. This is a time to relax, sleep, and eat only. The holidays are already crazy as it is and I do not plan to be apart of that! If you need to reach me, please feel free to reach out and ask for my information via social media. (You know I normally hate when people say that, but now I am starting to understand why it’s a thing.) Remember to spend as much time as you can with your loved ones, because I know I will!

Happy Holidays!

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