Hey Friends, I have gotten my U.K. Number so if you need to contact me please do it via iMessage for my email address or WhatsApp. You are always free to contact me on Facebook with Messenger or just send me an email. If you need any of that information please let me know, I'll … Continue reading UPDATE

Day One

With all of the sacrifices, late nights, and recent stress, I'm so fortunate to have been afforded this opportunity. But let's take a moment to talk about finding housing in London. Do you know how hard it is to find affordable housing in the middle of London that doesn't have you sharing a toilet with … Continue reading Day One


Thank you for taking the time to explore my website and follow my journey. If you are not aware, I am moving to London, England, UK. I will be furthering my dance education and dancing internationally. I am excited for the journey that lies ahead and I cannot wait to share the experience with you. … Continue reading Welcome